Focus Stacking gives you the ability to have a large depth of field without reducing the size of your aperture.

As the name suggests, focus stacking literally stacks images of varying focal points on top of each other to make your subject tack sharp from front to back. This means you can capture all the intricate details that your eyes see. And because you are now able to use a wide aperture, you can still have that beautiful bokeh in the fore- and background. The best of both worlds! This technique is great for photographing products, macro photography, interiors, landscapes and more.

Before Focus Stacking After Focus Stacking

Your Promote Control will make shooting a focus stacking sequence quick and easy. Not only will it do most of the thinking for you, you won't have to touch your camera during the sequence, thus making your images line up perfectly. Using any Canon camera with Live View, you merely set the initial focus point with your camera and tell the Promote your desired range of focus and click "Start". To make your image even more dynamic, you can tell your Promote Control to make a set of bracketed images at each point of focus for HDR Focus Stacking.

Before Focus Stacking After Focus Stacking

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Promote Control is a cool tool. I can get greater efficiency by shooting a wider exposure range with fewer exposures. That saves disk space and processing time on the computer, and wear and tear on the camera. Promote Control also lets me shoot brackets that my camera otherwise can't, giving me greater control over my final output.

Overall, I could not recommend this product enough. If you are remotely serious (get it... get it? :) ) about HDR photography, then you owe it to yourself to at least consider the Promote Control.

The Promote Control is the Rolls Royce of remote controls and highly interesting for HDR aficionados.