Bulb ramping, or bramping, allows you to take a time-lapse of scenes with changing exposure levels and adjust for the light variation gradually to drastically reduce the flickering effect that would ruin an otherwise beautiful scene. The Promote Control works with your camera to ensure accuracy of up to 0.001 EV steps, making the light variation in a sunset, or elsewhere, seamless.

Bulb ramping works by slowly adjusting the exposure value along a curve to make the adjustment smooth and unnoticed. If you know approximately when the light will change, like with a sunrise, you can tell your Promote when to start ramping. If the light changes come unexpectedly, you have the ability to make Live Modifications to ramp the exposure up or down across a number of exposures determined by you. This will allow you to make quick changes without disrupting your camera or setup.

Advanced Bulb Ramping mode allows you to program up to 2 Neutral Density (ND) filters and determine the range of ISO for automatic adjustment. As any good photographer knows, no single set of camera settings works for all situations. This is why the Promote Control is all about giving control to the photographer. The more possibilities you have, the more creative you can be.

Note: Bulb Assistant Kit and appropriate Shutter Cable are required for Bulb Ramping with Promote Control.

Heart of Vancity: Time Lapse with Bulb Ramping by Joel Schat Photography
Shot with the Promote Control.

Bulb Ramping Tutorials

Basic Bulb Ramping

Advanced Bulb Ramping

A Tutorial from Joel Schat

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Promote Control is a cool tool. I can get greater efficiency by shooting a wider exposure range with fewer exposures. That saves disk space and processing time on the computer, and wear and tear on the camera. Promote Control also lets me shoot brackets that my camera otherwise can't, giving me greater control over my final output.

Overall, I could not recommend this product enough. If you are remotely serious (get it... get it? :) ) about HDR photography, then you owe it to yourself to at least consider the Promote Control.

The Promote Control is the Rolls Royce of remote controls and highly interesting for HDR aficionados.