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Gigapan and Promote Systems Collaborate in Creating High-Resolution Images

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Promote Systems and Gigapan have teamed to provide collaborative technology to help photographers simplify their workflow process in creating HDR and focus stacked gigapixel imagery.

Capture phenomenal depth and clarity in multi-gigapixel panoramas with the remarkable EPIC Pro robotic camera mount and Promote Control.

  • Automatically capture high-resolution panoramas with the EPIC Pro
  • Use almost any camera and lens combination
  • Accurately take hundreds or thousands of photos and use Promote Control to help with the HDR and focus stacked frames
  • Connect the Promote Control device to your camera and the EPIC Pro. The EPIC Pro manages the time at each image location and triggers the Promote Control to trigger the camera. The Promote Control manages your cameras image capture and lens focal plane adjustment
  • Stitch images after processing in third party software such as Photoshop for focus stacking and HDR Soft’s Photomatix for bracketed HDR photos. Once you have final output images from either program, you can drop those into any stitch software for creating stunningly detailed, zoomable gigapixel images
  • Easily upload to Gigapan.com, where you can view, share, embed, tag, and print your images

The EPIC Pro and Promote Control work in together with unique control for creating HDR and focus stacked panoramas, shooting with the flexibility in exposure bracketing needed to create high-quality images

videoCheck out this new instructional video demonstrating how to shoot HDR and focus stacked panoramas with the Promote Control and the EPIC Pro.

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Integrating Promote Control with the Gigapan EPIC Pro

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By Mike Franz, Gigapan Director of Products and Training  and
Artyom Kamshilin, Promote Systems Senior Developer

HDR Gallery

Adorama Bundle

A new gallery on gigapan.com features images shot using both technologies.

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