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Promote Control

Advanced DSLR Remote Control

Time-lapse, bulb ramping, HDR, star trails, focus stacking and more! Designed for use in the field. Loved by professional and enthusiast photographers. 

Promote GPS

Advanced Geotagging Technology

Trust the GPS that survived rigorous tests from Siberia to the Rocky mountains!

USB Tether for LUMIX

Control your LUMIX GH4 and GX8 from your PC

Designed from the ground up in cooperation with Panasonic to ensure full compatibility with the GH4 and GX8 cameras, USB Tether streamlines your studio photography! 

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Promote Control is a cool tool. I can get greater efficiency by shooting a wider exposure range with fewer exposures. That saves disk space and processing time on the computer, and wear and tear on the camera. Promote Control also lets me shoot brackets that my camera otherwise can't, giving me greater control over my final output.

Overall, I could not recommend this product enough. If you are remotely serious (get it... get it? :) ) about HDR photography, then you owe it to yourself to at least consider the Promote Control.

The Promote Control is the Rolls Royce of remote controls and highly interesting for HDR aficionados.